Interpretation Canada’s New By-laws

Why did Interpretation Canada change its by-laws?
One of the requirements of the new federal Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and Regulations is that our by-laws align with the new legislation. Our Articles of Continuance (with the name, purpose and memberships changes that were voted on) were accepted by Corporations Canada September 24,1014. Corporations Canada no longer approves changes to the by-laws but they will review them to ensure they are complete.

What has changed in the current by-laws from the previous by-laws?

Sections – provisions for sections have been removed

Membership – as per vote, we now have one category of membership instead of many.

Below you find links to PDF versions of both our previous constitution (2001) and new (2015) by-laws. These new by-laws were accepted at our AGM in December 2015.