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InterpScan (Issue 33-1)

Publication Date: 
July 24, 2009
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In This Issue:

The Great War Veteran
How Fort Edmonton interpreters developed a new program, step by step.
Meditative Minute on the Mantle
Heighten impact by saying less, and let the landscape speak.
Ten Steps to Playmaking by Collective Creation
Ten proven steps for using theatre to bring your site to life.
Behind the Smiles: where funding comes from
The steps from proposal and political support through business plan and budget.
Battle of Culloden
Selecting formats of live interpretation when visitors come with strong feelings.
Input Workshop Results
What do interpreters see as key roles for Interpretation Canada in the future?
Online Survey Results
Interpreters describe the current condition of interpretation in Canada.
Interpretation With Puppets
See the Puppetry Tips to nail the basics of this ancient and inventive art form.