For excellent interpretation, build a strong foundation!

Updated IC module training workshops now available.

Since 1993, over 8000 Canadian interpreters have been trained though our module training program. From classic principles to state-of-the art skills, our newly updated IC training reaches beyond performance and knowledge standards to add competencies, confidence and creativity.

Module 1

Interpretive Principles and Planning

Participants emerge with knowledge of current interpretive best practices and a planned program. Suitable for beginners or for experienced interpreters looking for an update. Two days.

Module 2

Interpretive Presentation Skills

Participants emerge with in-depth skills and competencies in module 2 topics. Best for returning staff, two days.

workshop Based on the needs of your interpretation team.
Whether you have a group of retired volunteer teachers looking to adapt their classroom skills to an interpretive setting, or a group of summer students leading extreme llama tours, we can tailor our training to target the skills and competencies most relevant to your site. Half-day, full day, or longer options available.
Limited training workshops now available in eastern Canada (Cal Martin), in the North (Stephanie Yuill) and in western Canada (Sue Ellen Fast). Certificates and resource booklets available. more